I turned to a Ketogenic Diet to help my Epilepsy

Iwas diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 30 and fell into a spiral of depression. After nearly 10 years of not being able to control seizures via medication I turned to the Ketogenic Diet to try and manage my seizures via health and fitness. This is when I began to use Seriously Low Carb products which have helped me sustain my Keto diet, allowing me to have a more “normal” diet by reintroducing bread and buns which was one of my main staples prior to Keto!

Once I started this Low Carb journey I set myself the task of running a half marathon for Epilepsy Action to raise money. Since then I have raised £4,340 for Epilepsy Charities completing the London and Brighton Marathons and 3 half marathons.

My next challenge of the ultra is to prove that carbs aren’t needed and epilepsy won’t stop me living my life. I recently attended the keto & Low Carb Food Festival in London where I finally got to meet the brand that I know and love!

It was a pleasure to meet them and I'm ready and willing to work along side them to raise more awareness for Epilepsy in the future!

Use the link below to donate towards Ryan's ultra marathon this September for the Epilepsy Society.

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See how Ryan conquers marathons whilst managing his epilepsy and healthy life balance.