The KetoKeto STORY

A lovely brand doing good and tasting great

This year, SRSLY, the leading brand in low-carb high-protein foods, welcomes KetoKeto an awesome snack brand. We understand the challenges of maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle in today's fast-paced world. Often, there's little time to make the best choices when on the go and that's why we've introduced these convenient snacks that you can easily carry with you. They're the ideal grab-and-go option, offering not only great taste but also genuine flavours. We're excited to have KetoKeto here at srslylowcarb, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

We caught up with Ian Harris the founder of Keto Keto to understand how it all came about. 

How did you start your brand?

Our journey began in 2018, drawing inspiration from our experience collaborating with various health food brands. Recognizing a gap in the market, we saw a need for authentic Keto snacks – ones that were rich in fats and low in carbs. However, what initially seemed like a three-month project extended to a challenging 18-month endeavor. Striving to avoid undesirable ingredients commonly found in high-carb cereal bars, we dedicated ourselves to developing a bar that could withstand market pressures while maintaining our commitment to quality. And it worked perfectly!


Tell us about the KETO KETO VALUES

Our company is built on core values that guide our every action:

  • Our company is deeply rooted in health, driven by values that prioritize the well-being of our customers. Dedication to quality is at the core, as we strive to provide Keto products that support a wholesome lifestyle.
  • Transparency is a key value, ensuring our customers have complete trust in the ingredients and processes behind our offerings.
  • Innovation fuels our commitment to staying up to date with health trends, consistently delivering products that align with Keto principles.
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount as we continuously work to meet the unique needs of the health-conscious community.

These values shape our mission to contribute positively to the health and happiness of our customers through our Keto products

What's Your KETO KETO personal highlight?

The most rewarding aspect since launching our brand has undoubtedly been the overwhelming response from our customers. It's great to see loyal customers placing orders on our website and Amazon as they reach their 40th or 50th purchase. While conceptualizing a compelling product is one thing, the real joy comes from returning customers who have not only embraced the concept but also integrated our offerings into their daily lives. This enduring loyalty resonates deeply with us, confirming that our commitment to providing a beloved and indispensable product has truly made a significant difference in their lives. This means the world!

What has been your biggest learning?

A key lesson from our journey was the importance of resisting the urge to rush a product. Realizing that compromising on ingredients to speed time to market only leads to rethinking the process, we came across a valuable realization. Even though they were in small amounts, we found some ingredients in our bars and chips that didn't match our values as a Keto brand. The decision to eliminate them required financial investment in adjusting packaging and printing. This experience underscores the importance of maintaining our commitment to quality, even if it means additional costs, to ensure that our products remain true to our principles.


What is the future of your brand?

Our brand looks ahead to a future where we continue providing fantastic products and helpful resources for the Keto and low-carb community.We're taking it slow because we're in it for the long haul, aiming to assist people in living a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle without grains and sugar. Our main goal is to offer ongoing support and quality products for our community's health journey. No need to hurry—we're committed to the long term, promoting a healthy lifestyle through our products and the helpful information we share.

What flavours are already on sale?

Our current choice of irresistible Keto Bars boasts a variety of flavors to tantalize your taste buds:

  • Indulge in the delightful sweetness of our Cherry Bakewell Keto Bar, a perfect balance of tart cherries and nutty goodness.
  • For a tropical twist, savor the Coconut & Cashew Keto Bar, capturing the essence of creamy coconut paired with the richness of cashews.
  • The Cocoa Hazelnut Keto Bar offers a decadent chocolate experience complemented by the nutty undertones of hazelnuts.
  • Enjoy the comforting warmth of Banana Bread Keto Bar, a wholesome treat reminiscent of this classic favorite.
  • Lastly, the Lemon & Poppy Seed Keto Bar provides a zesty and refreshing option, combining citrusy brightness with the subtle crunch of poppy seeds.

Each bar is meticulously crafted to align with your Keto journey, delivering both flavor and nutrition in every bite.Additionally, our innovative offerings extend beyond bars, featuring Vegan Cheese Crunch Puffs for a plant-based cheesy indulgence.
Explore the savory side with our Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Crunch Puffs, or spice things up with the bold flavor of our Thai Chilli Crunch Puffs. With this diverse range, we cater to various tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring a flavorful and fulfilling experience for all.

What products are the most popular?

Our Coconut Cashew bars and Thai Chilli Crisps stand out as our most popular products and for a reason. The Coconut Cashew bars offer a delightful blend of tropical coconut and rich cashews, providing a satisfying and nutritious snack. On the other hand, our Thai Chilli Crisps bring an exciting fusion of spicy and savory, appealing to those seeking bold flavors in a low-carb, high-fat snack.


What makes your brand different from others?

What sets our brand apart is a combination of unwavering values, innovative approaches, and a commitment to meeting distinct dietary needs. Our dedication to quality and transparency is reflected in our values, ensuring that customers trust the integrity of our offerings. We stand out by embracing innovation and constantly refining our products to meet the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers. Moreover, our brand takes pride in offering a range of vegan and keto-friendly products, catering to diverse dietary preferences, and promoting a lifestyle that prioritizes both health and taste.