Are you aware of the Carb dangers in your diet?

SRSLY Low Carb Podcast Series:
Navigating the Low Carb Lifestyle with Andy Welch

Dive into the world of low-carb living with our SRSLYowCarb Podcast Series, featuring the insightful discussions of Andy Welch, MBA, the visionary Founder of SRSLY Low Carb.
In these four episodes, Andy sheds light on the nuances of a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, sharing valuable insights on the challenges, successes, and the journey of making low carb both delectable and accessible.
Discover the origins of SRSLY Low Carb, its rapid growth, and the profound impact it has on the health of individuals, including diabetics, those struggling with weight management, and even patients adopting a ketogenic approach through the NHS. Join us for an engaging exploration of the benefits and flavors of low carb living.


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The Carb Trap: Dodging the Dangers In Your Diet with Andy Welch

Are you aware of the Carb dangers in your diet?Andy Welch MBA is the Founder of SRSLY Low Carb who are on a mission to make a low carb lifestyle not only healthy, but also tasty and accessible to all.We discuss why Andy started the company, how they went from selling 30 to 50,000 units in the space of a month, and the health benefits they're providing for diabetics, overweight, and ketogenic patients (via the NHS)Listen in full.

44 min

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SRSLY Low Carb: why we need to STOP sugar coating the truth in this ultra processed world

We are living in a public health crisis. This episode will make your entrepreneurial heart race! It's the tale of Andy Welsh, the driven founder of SRSLY Low Carb, who leapt from the corporate world into the battlefield of health-focused entrepreneurship after a wake-up call...🌽
Picture this: You're trying to promote healthier food alternatives in a market dominated by 6 conglomerates, producing ultra-processed food.Quite the challenge, right?
Well, that's Andy's reality. He's faced and continues to face the personal and financial struggles that accompany such a David vs Goliath challenge.⚡️
But here's the twist - those hardships have fueled his resilience and financial literacy. From battling the cut-throat competition to stepping up his game during the pandemic, it's been a wild ride.What's his secret weapon?

1 hr 34 min

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