Spicy Tune Crunch

Spicy Tune Crunch
Brought to you by our low carb legend Regan
  • Net Carbs per serving
  • 1 Servings
  • 5 Minutes prep time
  • n/a cooking time


    • 1x Seriously Low Carb Roll
    • 1x can of tuna (drained)
    • 4 tbsp of mayonnaise of choice
    • 1 finely diced spring onion
    • 30g finely diced cucumber
    • 15g ofdDiced red pepper
    • 1tsp Paprika
    • 1tsp cayenne Pepper
    • 0.5tsp chilli Powder (to taste)
    • 0.5tsp chilli Flakes (to taste)
    • Salt & Pepper (to taste)
    • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
    • Garnish with extra cucumber & lettuce
    Nutritional Information
    Per 100g Per serving
    Fat 48g
    of which saturates 8g
    Carbohydrate 7g
    of which sugars 3g
    Protein 43g
    Fibre 6g
    Salt 0.91g


    1. Prepare diced veggies.
    2. Drain Tuna.
    3. Add everything to a bowl & mix together with Mayo.
    4. Layer on top of a Seriosuly Low Carb Roll.
    5. Enjoy!