Drop element here!

What a chees-aster!

Its happened! A disaster struck us and we are cheese-less! Excuse us as we are now cheezing the problem by its
roots and making sure your experience of using SRSLY Low Carb food stays as Brie-tiful as before.

SRSLY back to business, if you’ve recently pur-cheesed a pizza from us they are unfortunately lacking in
cheesy deliciousness and can be missing up to 20g of delicious cheesy goodness.

But don’t fret, we’re working around the clock to up our quality control and ensure our pizza’s get back to its
original delicious self. In the meantime we don’t want to waste good food nor increase our carbon footprint,
so we are shipping all pizzas with 20g of replacement cheese.

That’s 20g of replacement cheese per pizza. A multipack will have 3 packs of 20g cheese totaling 60g!
We hope this remedy helps and so sorry if it grates! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 

Best wishes, Team SRSLY