SRSLY Low Carb lands NHS Central contract


After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, which began back in February, SRSLY Low Carb have finally put pen to paper and brokered a national supply agreement with NHS, a pivotal sea-change moment for a leading light within UK ketogenics.

The blue touch-paper was first lit back in 2020 when SRSLY aligned itself with the Daisy Garland trust a fantastic epilepsy-orientated trust supporting those individuals who are resistant to over-the-counter drugs. Nudge forward to September 2022, SRSLY’s founder, Andy Welch was approached by Birmingham’s Children hospital who were looking for a credible, “one stop” low carb provider.

Andy is very open about the fact that a lion’s share of his consumer base (80 per cent) first came to his brand in order to tackle underlying obesity issues, whilst an over-arching 50 per cent of consumers embrace the brand to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.SRSLY was a brand set up by an entrepreneur using exercise (in this instance Iron Mans) to overcome his own depression demons.

As we all know, many well-intentioned diets crash and burn on account of deep-set “naughty food” urges (In Andy’s case “bready joy,”) so if one can’t quell one’s enthusiasm for traditionally sugar-loaded products, the next best thing is to find healthier living alternatives.