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How it Started

I’ve always struggled with my weight and constant fluctuations throughout my childhood and into my adult years. I had constant problems with bullying growing up due to my weight. In 2017 I started running alongside Bootcamp but looking back on it now, I was trying to ‘outrun a bad diet’ so to speak and ate rubbish alongside it. I believed I could maintain the weight I wanted through eating what I wanted! I was crippled with debilitating IBS, my eczema wasn’t good, my blood pressure and resting heart rate were high (despite my fitness), my sleep was horrific and I just felt sloggish all the time. In 2020 my mental health took an awful turn and I lived many months off takeaway pizzas and chocolate orange buttons, stopped running and piled on the weight.

How it's Going

In April 2021 I was feeling much more mentally empowered and decided to tackle Keto. My initial goal when I started keto was to lose weight, I didn't really have much of a goal to start with I just wanted to feel better in my body. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so spent months trying to understand it all. I started running again, signed myself up for the Brighton half marathon and joined the gym. Along the way I found Seriously Low Carb, the products gave me so much freedom and I truly believe that without them I wouldn’t be where I am now (and my all my family and friends now adore all the products too). In 5-6 months I lost 6 stone, 38 inches off my standard measurements and dropped from a size 16 to a size 6-8 so I'm now a very healthy 8 stone. Not only this, my IBS has completely gone, my sleep is much improved, my skin is amazing, my energy levels are more consistent and I have perfect blood pressure and resting heart rate. Most of all, Keto has done wonders for my mental health. Yes, I still struggle but it gives me such purpose. I’m now 18 odd months on and have managed to maintain the 6 stone weight loss since eating Keto/low carb. I now actively opt not to eat carbs because of what they do to me. If you were wondering, I did achieve the half marathon and I’m now about to start training for my first full marathon in April 2022 😊

Top Tips

A few rules I've stuck by to help me stay on keto is empty your carboards. Take away any and all of the bad stuff that could set you back. I'm not saying take away everything you enjoy I'm just saying do what's best for you to stay on track. That said I also do all my food shopping online to make sure I don't fall down any of the naughty aisles!

My biggest top tip however is that if you're following a 'diet' which sucks the joy out of life then just don't do it! Your goals need to be achievable but you need to find happiness and joy in doing so. Low carb is a lifestyle and it is something which can be grown to love. It can offer so many options, is adaptable and super tasty. Whatever your reasons are for choosing to eat lower carb foods just make everything you eat yummy! The one thing I love about eating lower carb is there is a replacement for pretty much everything. Don't be scared to try new foods, don't be scared to cook and bake and don't be scared to make mistakes. I've learned so much along the way but we are only human after all, we are not robots. One thing I'm grateful for is doing my own research. I spent time reading, watching videos and teaching myself. There are some amazing books and podcasts which certainly helped me. Every victory is a victory no matter how big or small, set yourself small but achievable targets but also push yourself. Keto gave me the power to take back control of my life, it gave me the confidence to live in the mind and body I have always longed for and it can for you too!

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