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  • Crystal's Story
    May 2023

    Crystal's Story

    Take a look at the long road Crystal has taken to get to where she is today.

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  • Kiera's Story
    March 2023

    Kiera's Story

    Take a minute to find out what led Keira to opt for a low carb way of living!

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  • Clare and Mark's Story
    May 2022

    Clare and Mark's Story

    Find out how Clare and Mark used Keeto and Low Carb to build a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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  • Andy's Story
    February 2022

    Andy's Story

    Check out how Andy managed to stick to his low carb life by using our products to manage his Type 2 Diabetes.

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  • Rayner's Story
    November 2021

    Rayner's Story

    Find out how Rayner uses our products to avoid glucose spikes to control her Type 1 Diabetes.

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  • Ryan's Story
    November 2021

    Ryan's Story

    Find out how Ryan uses our products to have a more normal diet.

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  • Susan's Story
    November 2021

    Susan's Story

    Susan uses our products to control her Type 2 Diabetes, hear why our products have been a life saver for her.

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  • Ruth's Story
    November 2021

    Ruth's Story

    Read how Ruth uses our product to establish a lower carb lifestyle.

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  • Lucy's Story
    November 2021

    Lucy's Story

    Lucy uses Seriously Low Carb products to loose weight. Check out her fav products.

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  • Michelle's Story
    November 2021

    Michelle's Story

    Michelle used Keto to loose baby weight initially and then changed her goal to improving her general health.

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  • Laura's Story
    November 2021

    Laura's Story

    Read how Laura lost weight and fueled whilst training for an ultra marathon but still enjoyed good food.

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