SRSLY Ltd Partners with the NHS:

A Journey of Health, Support, and Innovation

Revolutionizing Healthcare with a Low-Carb High-Protein Approach

At SRSLY Ltd, our mission has always been to promote healthier lifestyles through our low-carb, high-protein food products.
Our recent collaboration with the National Health Service (NHS) marks a significant step in this journey, demonstrating our commitment to health and wellness.

Supporting NHS Patients with Special Discounts

Our partnership began with a simple yet impactful initiative: offering a 30% discount to NHS outpatients undergoing ketogenic care. This endeavor originated from NHS Birmingham Children's Hospital's recommendation of our products and expanded to NHS Manchester, which manages around 90 active patients on a ketogenic diet.
To further support this initiative, we invite other NHS Trusts and hospitals to join us in this cause. Interested parties can reach out at for more information.


Expanding Our Reach: Supplying Healthy Options to NHS Hospitals

Our aspirations to serve within NHS hospitals led to a groundbreaking development.After engaging with the NHS Supply's central purchasing team, we embarked on a journey to provide healthy, nutritious options to patients and staff across the UK. Following a rigorous application process that began in March 2023, we proudly signed a 278-page contract, officially becoming an approved supplier for NHS England and Scotland. This achievement underscores our dedication to making a positive impact on public health.


Collaborating with NHS Catering and Procurement Teams

Our work doesn't stop here. We're actively seeking collaborations with NHS trusts and hospitals across the UK to educate and introduce our health-centric food options.
If you are an NHS catering manager or buyer interested in elevating patient and staff meals with nutritious choices, we encourage you to contact us. Together, we can make a difference in healthcare nutrition.


Supporting the NHS Community Through Blue Light Membership

In gratitude for the immense support from the NHS and in recognition of their extraordinary efforts, we're delighted to extend benefits through the Blue Light membership. This gesture is our way of saying thank you and contributing to the well-being of those who work tirelessly in the healthcare sector.

A Partnership Rooted in Health and CompassionOur collaboration with the NHS is more than a business venture; it's a shared mission to enhance health and wellness across the UK. At SRSLY Ltd, we're committed to this cause, driven by innovation, compassion, and a deep appreciation for the NHS's remarkable work. Together, we're making strides towards a healthier future.

A Vote of Confidence from the NHS

Our journey took a significant leap forward when the NHS recognized the value of our products. The moment they reached out for support, requesting our products for their patients, was a turning point. It wasn't just an endorsement; it was a testament to the trust and effectiveness of our solutions. This recognition from one of the most respected healthcare institutions marked our first major step towards broader acceptance.


Gaining National Attention

The journey escalated when the central buying team of the government approached us. This was more than an achievement; it was a validation of our impact and the potential to contribute on a larger scale. Being sought out by such a prominent body underscored our credibility and the growing importance of our products in the national landscape.

Approved for National Supply

A defining moment in our journey was obtaining approval to supply our products on a national basis. This approval not only highlighted our capability to meet large-scale demands but also underlined our commitment to quality and reliability. This milestone signifies not just growth but also the widespread impact our products are poised to have across the nation