SRSLY & Surreal Cereal

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Sandy Brown Surreal Low Carb Cereal - Peanut Butter - 240g Box

SRSLY loves Surreal for their dedication to healthy eating and tasty choices. They focus on creating free sugar and low carb cereals that are both good for you and delicious. Surreal makes sure that every bowl is packed with nutrition without adding sugar. They offer a variety of flavors that will make your mornings brighter and keep you feeling great. We are excited to introduce you to Surreal, a brand that combines health, flavor, and quality to give you a wonderful start to your day.

The Surreal Story

The story of our brand began in the sales and marketing department of a company that made healthy drinks. We enjoyed finding new ways to improve well-known food products. We also studied the work of other challenger brands. All this inspired us to modernize a category like cereal. As children, we all loved cereal because it was convenient, quick, and tasty. But as we grew up and lived faster-paced lives, often without enough time for a proper meal, we realized that this way of eating was unsuitable. With our experience in this field, we knew that most cereals were filled with sugar and carbs. However, they did not have enough nutrients to keep an adult active and full of energy until lunch.

What values does your company have?

At our company, we hold steadfast to a set of core values that guide our mission and define our brand identity:

At Surreal, we are committed to not just creating delicious cereal but also upholding values that reflect our dedication to both our consumers and the planet. Here are the core values that guide everything we do:

Healthy Lifestyle: We encourage a way of life that keeps you feeling great throughout the day with our nutritious cereals.

Quality Ingredients: Our products are made with the finest ingredients to ensure that every bite is not only tasty but also beneficial to your health.

Healthy Body and Mind: We believe that a healthy diet contributes to both physical well-being and mental clarity, which is why our cereals are designed to support both.

Environmentally Friendly: We are actively working to reduce our environmental impact. This includes efforts to eliminate plastic from our packaging to help preserve our planet.

By staying true to these values, Surreal aims to make a positive impact on the lives of our customers and the environment.

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What has been your personal highlight since starting the brand?

Seeing that people come back to us and sharing with us how it’s having a positive impact on them. That's what motivated us to create the brand.

What has been Surreals’ biggest learning?

Surreal's most significant insight has been to never underestimate the importance of starting a business with a partner you genuinely trust and enjoy collaborating with. The journey of building a business is full of challenges and surprises, and having a reliable partner by your side can make a tremendous difference. Working with someone who shares your vision and values not only enhances the day-to-day operations but also provides essential support during tough times. This strong foundation of trust and mutual respect is crucial, as you will depend on each other more than you might initially realize.

What awards have you received?

We are proud to announce that we received the award for Top New Product Launch in the cereal category from The Grocer. This recognition highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in creating healthy and delicious cereals.

What product is the most popular?

Our most popular product right now is the new Choc Hazelnut cereal. It's a favorite among our customers! It is sugar-free, vegan, and low carb - the perfect cereal for any diet.

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What is the future of your brand?

As we look to the future, our goal is to become the world's most-loved cereal brand. This means we are aiming to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and grow big enough to have a significant impact. We plan to listen to our customers' feedback carefully to keep improving our products. Our vision is not just about being big, but also about making a positive difference in the way people start their day.

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What makes the Surreal brand different from others?

Surreal differentiates itself from other brands primarily by blending exceptional taste with health-conscious nutrition. We focus intently on creating cereals that are both delicious and good for our customers, without the typical high sugar and carb content found in many other brands. Moreover, we are committed to environmental sustainability, actively working to eliminate plastic from our packaging. This approach not only makes us unique but also aligns with the needs of health-savvy and eco-aware consumers.