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Hi, Im Andy Welch, CEO and Founder of SRSLY Low Carb, and I started my Low Carb journey in 2019, all the way into ketosis for sport. Since then, I’m still living a Low Carb lifestyle but I’m more Low Carb than Keto, my reason today is the culmination of better health.

From better sleep and quick injury recovery to keeping an eye on my little middle aged tummy that wants to introduce it’s self 😊.

For three years we’ve made products that help people like me but many many others too, from families managing T1 diabetes, so individuals being recommended a lower carb lifestyle to reduce other medical risk such a hypertension, blood pressure, and risk of stroke.

So we have a question for you as we’d love to start our journey on helping you more specifically to your daily life.

Would you mind telling us, what the main reason is that you take the time to order and enjoy our products, and what the secondary reason is too.

Of course your data is strictly confidential but will help me and the team serve you better. We’ve only sent this email to 35% of our customers, all of you subscribe on a monthly basis.

We're always looking at ways of improving our SRSLY delicious products. Whether that's by improving the nutritional info, introducing new flavours or extending shelf life! 

So, if you could complete the form below based on your experience of the samples you received, it'll help us make informed decisions on our recipe development! 

It should only take a minute or two, thank you so much!