SRSLY & Go-low

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Welcome to the delectable world of SRSLY & Go-low! At SRSLY, we're passionate about discovering and promoting brands that share our commitment to delicious, health-conscious living. Go-low specializes in carb & keto baking mixes, offering a delectable array of sugar-free treats and staples ideal for ketogenic and low-sugar lifestyles. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the wonders of Go-low. Join us as we show what makes this brand a standout in the realm of easy-to-make, guilt-free baking solutions.

How did you start your brand?

The beginning of our brand begins with a personal journey that is deeply rooted in the pursuit of well-being. After the birth of my three children, I found myself wanting to lose the pregnancy weight. It was during this transformative period that my son-in-law, a low-carb expert and well-versed in working with bodybuilders, encouraged me to explore the low-carb lifestyle. Intrigued, I delved into the principles he outlined, carefully following them. To my surprise, not only did I lose the excess weight, but I also experienced a profound change in my overall health and vitality. In addition to simply losing weight, I felt a new sense of health. Better sleep, clearer skin, less bloating, increased energy levels, and improved mental clarity have been the hallmarks of my journey. What really resonated was the sustainability of this lifestyle; I got real satisfaction from eating like this, paving the way for long-term adherence. This discovery came in 2012, when low-carb and keto diets were largely overlooked. And so, from this deeply personal journey came the beginnings of our brand, driven by a desire to share the transformative benefits of low-carb living with others seeking a similar path to health.

What values does your company have?

At the heart of our company lie core values that guide our every endeavor. These values define who we are and what we stand for:

  • Commitment to Quality: We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of taste and nutrition.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to innovate and exceed expectations continuously.
  • Health-Consciousness: We are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles through our low-carb and keto-friendly offerings.
  • Integrity: We operate with honesty, transparency, and ethical integrity in all our interactions and business practices.
  • Innovation: We foster a culture of creativity and forward-thinking, constantly seeking new ways to improve and evolve our products and services.
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What has been your personal highlight since starting the brand?

The most significant personal highlight for me since establishing our brand has undoubtedly been the recognition we've received for our delicious products. Whether it's the glowing reviews from satisfied customers or the accolades bestowed upon us by industry experts, such as winning the Great Taste and Nourish Awards, the joy lies in witnessing people's delightful reactions. It’s particularly from children, as they sample our offerings at festivals. It reaffirms our belief that taste reigns supreme, and knowing that our creations bring such happiness to others is truly the ultimate reward.

What has been your biggest learning?

The most significant lesson I've learned since embarking on this journey is to cultivate greater self-belief and trust in my instincts. Instead of constantly seeking reassurance from others whom I perceive as more knowledgeable, I've come to understand the importance of listening to advice. While ultimately following my own intuition. This shift has empowered me to make decisions with confidence and conviction, recognizing that my inner wisdom is often the most reliable guide on this path of entrepreneurship.

What awards have you received?

Our brand has been honored with prestigious awards recognizing our delectable creations. Awards include:

  • Great Taste Awards for Seedy Cracker Mix and Easy Wrap Mix by The Guid of Fine Foods 
  • Nourish Awards - Gold for Pancake & Waffle Mix and Bronze for Buttery Cookie Mix

These accolades affirm our commitment to delivering exceptional flavor and quality in every product we offer.

What product is the most popular?

The Seedy Crackers stand out as our most popular product, capturing hearts and taste buds from the outset. From the swift development of the recipe to the rave reviews and ease of preparation, they've emerged as a true crowd-pleaser. Their widespread appeal has solidified their status as our top-selling item, both online and in-person, embodying our commitment to delicious and accessible low-carb options.

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What is the future of your brand?

I envision the future of our brand as a journey of growth and expansion, guided by both deliberate action and a mindset of openness to possibility. While I strive to steer the brand towards reaching more individuals, whether through direct-to-consumer channels or retail partnerships, I also recognize the importance of remaining adaptable and responsive to emerging opportunities. Ultimately, our goal is to continue spreading our message of delicious, health-conscious living to a broader audience, fostering a community of satisfied customers who embrace our products as essential elements of their lifestyle.


What makes your brand different from others?

What sets our brand apart from others is our unwavering commitment to excellence in taste, health, and sustainability. Unlike many competitors, we prioritize the quality of our ingredients, meticulously selecting only the finest and most wholesome options for our products. Additionally, our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to continuously innovate and exceed expectations, ensuring that each experience with our brand is nothing short of exceptional. Furthermore, it is this combination of superior taste, health-consciousness, and ethical values that distinguishes our brand and makes it the preferred choice for discerning consumers seeking delicious, nutritious, and sustainable low-carb and keto-friendly options.