SRSLY & London Apron

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Calling all vegan foodies with a sweet tooth! We're thrilled to introduce you to a culinary heaven that's sure to tantalize your taste buds: the London Apron. As you know, we at SRSLY are all about creating delicious treats that are kind to your body. We love that The London Apron shares our passion for healthy indulgences. Their incredible line of keto cookies is something we really admire. Join us as we delve into the realm of London Apron, celebrating their love for wholesome ingredients and their unwavering dedication to nourishing both body and soul.

The London Apron Story

Our brand's inception emanates from the enticing scent of freshly baked goods. While our spotlight moment on Channel 4 initially showcased our signature meringues, our story extends far beyond them. As a triathlete navigating a low-carb regimen, I encountered the struggle of sourcing delectable yet diet-compatible treats. This personal quest, coupled with my background as a pastry chef, ignited the creation of our distinctive keto cookies, meticulously crafted within our South London production hub.

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Since starting the brand, what has been your personal highlight?

The most significant highlight for us has been the heartfelt messages we've received from our customers, particularly those following low-carb or special diets. Their stories show the profound impact our products have had on their lives. It's incredibly fulfilling to read reviews or receive comments that commend the taste of our cookies and underscore how they've served as pillars in helping individuals uphold their dietary aspirations. Every positive review is a testament to the countless hours spent perfecting our recipes and sourcing the finest ingredients. It reinforces our belief that food can be both nourishing and delightful, regardless of dietary restrictions. Knowing that our creations play a role, however small, in improving someone's day or assisting them in their wellness journey is immensely gratifying.

What values does your company have?

At our core, our company is driven by a set of values that guide everything we do. Here's a breakdown:

- Quality: We are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients and upholding the highest standards in every aspect of our production process.
- Health-consciousness: We prioritize the well-being of our customers by offering products that are not only delicious but also align with various dietary preferences and restrictions.
- Transparency: We believe in open communication and honesty, as well as providing clear information about our ingredients, sourcing practices, and production methods.
- Community: We value our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and fellow entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support within our community.
- Passion: Above all, we are driven by a genuine love for what we do, infusing every product with passion and dedication to delighting our customers.

Our company ensures that every interaction with our brand leaves a lasting impression of excellence and delight.

What has been your biggest learning?

The biggest lesson we've learned isn't about the perfect pastry or the most stylish stitch. It's about the importance of resilience and adaptability. The food industry is a dynamic beast, constantly throwing challenges our way. Sourcing the best ingredients, keeping up with ever-evolving trends, and navigating unexpected logistical hurdles are all part of the daily grind. In the early days, it was easy to get discouraged by these curveballs. But we've realized that the key to success lies in our ability to adapt and problem-solve creatively. Sure, you can't control everything – a shipment might get delayed, or a new health regulation might pop up. But it's how you respond to these surprises that defines your path forward. We've learned to be resourceful, to think on our feet, and to see challenges as opportunities for growth. Every unexpected twist has forced us to innovate, to find new solutions, and ultimately, to become a stronger, more creative company.


What is the future of your brand?

Peeking into the future, The London Apron is all about sweet possibilities:

- One of the most exciting aspects of our future vision is the relentless pursuit of innovation. We see a future filled with a wider array of delicious treats catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences.

- Innovation extends beyond the treats themselves. We envision exploring new, sustainable sourcing options for our ingredients, ensuring the highest quality while minimizing our environmental impact.

- The future of The London Apron isn't just about what's on the plate; it's also about the tools that make healthy cooking a joy. We see a future where our aprons become a cherished staple in kitchens across the UK and beyond.

The future of The London Apron is a delicious fusion of innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and global reach. It's a future where kitchens become havens for healthy creation, fueled by the tools and treats that empower everyone to cook confidently and joyfully.

What makes your brand different from others?

What sets our brand apart is our unwavering commitment to crafting treats that strike the perfect balance between indulgence and health. We meticulously select premium ingredients, ensuring that each product not only tantalizes the taste buds but also aligns with various dietary preferences and restrictions.

Every creation reflects our dedication to offering inclusive indulgence. Moreover, our emphasis on transparency and authenticity fosters trust with our customers, who appreciate our genuine passion for creating delicious treats that cater to diverse lifestyles. In essence, it's our relentless pursuit of excellence and inclusivity that distinguishes us in the crowded landscape of confectionery brands.