We're at the Keto Festival on the 25th Feb 2024.  

If you've just scanned a QR Code it hopefully means you are here too.

That makes us happy. Please come and say Hi!  

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EAT FOOD AND get 25% OFF your next SRSLY Order!!!

- wrap your street food in srsly

- take a selfie with your food

- tag and follow us on social

@srslylowcarb and @ketofestival

We'll DM your 25% voucher next week!

inpasta syndrome WARNING

SRSLY Pasta has arived.png__PID:4b40caa3-9239-4776-9990-573c5e3b1dd3

We can't contain our excitement about our new pasta.

The first public showing, ticket-only, will be at the Keto Festival.

Our very own Colette 'Coletti Spaghetti', along with some incredible, taste-driven Italian artisans, have crafted an amazing pasta. It's gluten-free, vegan, high-protein, high-fiber, and, of course, Keto-friendly.

Colette has been affectionately dubbed 'Coletty Spaghetti' since her school days, and now she has truly earned the name.

Come and witness the marvel.

Please refrain from touching the alarmed glass case