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Garlic & Herb Croutons

Here at SRSLY HQ we have been busy creating amazing tasty croutons to be used, as part of your amazing salads or even as a tasty low carb snack.

After our Yummy spicy version we d=couldnt leave out everyones favourite Garlic and Herb croutons. 

So we decided to make a low carb version which is still full of flavour, light on the hips, and easy to do. 

Why not try the recipe and dont forget to share your makes and flavour ideas with us. We 💙 seeing your creations.

3.9 Net Carbs per serving   | Serves 4
5 minutes prep time   |   8 minutes cooking time  


* 1 SRSLY Low Carb Original Loaf
* Cut into squares
* 3 teaspoons of Mixed Herbs
* 1 tablespoon of Garlic Powder
* Salt (to preference)
* Pepper (to preference)
* Drizzle of Olive Oil (to preference)
* For extra Garlic taste crush 3 garlic cloves and mix in

* Pre Heat Oven to 180
* Mix all ingredients up
* Drizzle Olive Oil
* Place in a large oven tray
* Place tray or croutons in oven for 8 mins (until crunchy)
* Take out to rest

* Enjoy 😁