Srsly debuts range of low-carb ready meals



The ready meal line-up includes five “vegan proud” meals, featuring Chick’n Teriyaki Noodles, Chick’n Chow Mein Noodles, Vegetable Thai Red Noodles, Chick’n Pad Thai and Chick’n Mexican Rice.

Each recipe contains a mix of low-carb noodles or rice, aromatic spices, vegetables and crunchy peanuts with each meal consisting of 15g of carbs and around 300 calories per portion.

Srsly’s ready meals include konjac noodles, said to be an increasingly popular plant-based flour extracted from the root of the konjac yam plant.

Konjac-based noodles are described as “a cult stalwart of Asian cuisine,” that are “quickly generating a loyalist following” for those seeking a credible alternative to wheat-themed noodles that are high in carbs and calories.

Srsly founder, Andy Welch, said: ”Our ongoing remit is consumers searching for a low carb/sugar lifestyle that marries great taste with unrivalled convenience.